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Electrify the Hard at Work

In the world of work, electrification is a fool's dream... or is it? At AMV, we're setting out to challenge the status quo by developing EV equipment for the hard at work. Join us in changing the world forever.

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Designed + Built in Arizona

Energizing the World of Work

To the ones who grow, dig, and build our communities there's no such thing as downtime. Capable of charging from 0 - 100% in 15-minutes or less, AMV Advanced Charging (AAC) technology exists to make life easier for the hard at work.

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Electrify Anything

The Plug + Play XP Platform is Here

A modular masterpiece, the AMV XP supports vehicle building in need of sustainable solutions in the Class 2B to Class 6 range.

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Designed in Arizona

Less Complicated More Capable

Introducing the world's first medium to heavy-duty EV work pickup. Designed to meet the grueling demands of the hard at work, the AMV XT is the future of work.

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Simulated images. Actual production will vary.
Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona

Ignited by Curiosity

We're a collective of renegades committed to designing and building equipment that is less complicated and more capable. We do this to sustain the world of work.

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