Equity Crowd Funding Investor FAQ's

Did Atlis Motor Vehicles IPO?

We used Reg A as the vehicle to take us public. This was a public listing, not an IPO. We did not issue new shares, and we did not raise additional capital. This listing allows our Reg A investors to trade their shares, and it allows Atlis to access capital markets. Our listing did not allow for registration of shares purchased outside of Reg A.

When can we trade Reg CF and Reg D shares?

Both Class A Reg CF and Reg D shares are now unrestricted and available to transfer from AST to manage and/or trade. Please see “How Do I Transfer and Trade My Shares?” below.

Why Were My Reg CF and/or Reg D Shares Restricted?

The Form 8-A we filed with the SEC only registered Class A Reg A shares. As such, if you participated in Reg CF crowdfunding campaigns or invested as part of a Reg D private placement, your Class A Reg CF and Class A Reg D shares were restricted upon listing. All securities must be registered or subject to an exception to be traded.

Class A Reg A, Reg CF, and Reg D shares are now unrestricted and available to transfer from AST to manage. Please see “How Do I Transfer and Trade My Shares?” below.

Why Could I Only Trade Reg A Shares?

To make Reg A shares registered and tradable on a national exchange, Atlis needed to file an 8-A with the SEC. Once the 8-A was effective, Atlis was cleared to allow public trading of Class A Reg A shares.

NOTE: Only those investors with Class A Reg A shares could legally trade 8-A registered shares upon listing.

How Do I Access My AST Account

Once you receive an email from AST containing your personal Welcome Letter, you can move forward by following the steps below. The letter has all the necessary investor account information needed for access. This letter is also being physically mailed to the mailing address on file, along with your account statement.

Step 1: Go to www.astfinancial.com/
Step 2: Click Login located at the top right-hand corner of the page.
Step 3: Click 'First Time Here? Register' under Shareholder Central and complete the short registration process to create your unique login ID.

NOTE: If you are a non – U.S. shareholder please select Registration for Non-US Holders on the top of the page and complete the short registration process. You will need to know the AST Company Number which is printed on the bottom right-hand corner of your Welcome Letter. Your PIN number will then be mailed to the address of record for the account.

NOTE: If you are unable to log into your account, it may be that your Social Security Number/TIN is not on file with AST. You will need to complete and return the tax form, W9 form (domestic shareholders), W8 BEN (foreign individual), or W8 BEN-E (foreign entity). The forms are available at www.astfinancial.com/knowledge-center/forms/. Once AST receives your tax form your account will become certified, and you can access your account online.

You must send a hard copy of the completed tax form by mail to AST at the mailing address below:

Atlis Motor Vehicles
c/o AST
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

How Do I Transfer and Trade My Shares?

Once you have access to your AST account, you can begin the process to transfer your holdings. Trading will require the transfer of unrestricted shares from AST to the eligible broker of your choosing. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

Your broker should initiate a DRS Profile transaction by submitting the request through DTC with the following information:

  1. ASTs referenced 10-digit account number for the Shareholder's account at the top of the Shareholders Welcome Letter.
  2. The Tax ID # of the Shareholder. AST must have a tax ID on record.
  3. The Cusip for the company: 049506108
  4. The number of shares requesting to be transferred.

Your broker will handle this entire process, it is electronic, and AST is not involved.

What If My Mailing Address Has Changed?

You can update your mailing address through Shareholder Central once you have access to your AST account.

NOTE: If the address on file is the address of Atlis Motor Vehicles, this means a valid mailing address was not provided, however, you can amend the address of record in Shareholder Central when you log in to your account.

Did I Receive My Bonus Shares?

If you are eligible to receive Bonus Shares, these will now reflect on your AST account.

EXAMPLE: If you invested $1,000 in a previous round and invested $500 additional during our previous Reg A round, you would receive the Tier 1 Bonus of an additional 5% shares of the share count purchased for $500.

IMPORTANT: Although Bonus Share eligibility is based on lifetime investment, the number of Bonus Shares allocated is based ONLY on investments at the $15.88 or $27.50 share prices.

You can review the Bonus Tiers on our previous investment page: Invest In ATLIS - Atlis Motor Vehicles

NOTE: Please note that Reg D investments are not eligible for Bonus Shares.

Can I Buy More Shares of AMV Through Reg A?

Now that Atlis (AMV) is a publicly traded company, our Reg A offering is closed.

AST Telephone and E-mail Assistance

  • You can reach an AST representative Dedicated to Atlis Shareholders by dialing (877) 248-6416.
  • If you are a non-US Citizen, you can call AST's universal support line for domestic and foreign inquiries by dialing (718) 921-8124.
  • You can also e-mail AST's universal support at[email protected]

Customer service representatives are available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Mail Inquiries

To contact AST via postal mail:

Atlis Motor Vehicles
c/o AST
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219